"Most of my sessions with Bénédicte have been via Skype. It was the first time I tried this form of consultation and I admit to being a bit skeptical at first. However, thanks to the webcam and the professionalism of Bénédicte, the sessions were as beneficial as the sessions we had in her office.


As a therapist and sophrologist, she helped me gain self-confidence and climb the slope fairly quickly after several difficult events. She is very listening and effective thanks to her use of several adapted tools. I highly recommend Bénédicte as a therapist or sophrologist either at her office or through Skype.

"I have seen Bénédicte only for a rather short period until she left for Jamaica. However, the few sessions I have done with her have been very efficient and they helped me make some very quick progress, which is a big difference in comparison with the other therapists that I had seen in the past.

Her attentiveness and the discussions we had during the sessions allowed me to become aware of some very important things, to solve some specific issues in my daily life and, above all, gave me self-confidence.

Valérie, Johannesburg

Caroline, France

"Our son Arthur encountered great difficulties of social integration in his school: called intellectually precocious child, he was unhappy, ill at ease, both violent and a victim of violence, and in eight months his sessions with Bénédicte have made him make incredible progress that we have noticed and which are also welcomed by the teachers of his establishment.


Followed by a psychologist for a year and a half before we left for South Africa, he had not progressed so much. He told me recently that Benedict's office was the 4th place in the world where he felt most at ease. With all her intelligence and her sensitivity, with great subtlety, a great deal of respect and a generous listening, placing herself at his height, speaking of his passions and interests, Bénédicte helped him

understand the rules of social life, and behaviors expected from others.


She has found ways to help him express his feelings, calm his anger, find his marks. She accompanied us, his parents. I thank Bénédicte very warmly for what she has done for our family. When one of my colleagues advised us to consult Bénédicte Mannix, she told us "she's not only a good therapist, she's also a good person." I can testify today of the excellent professional qualities of Bénédicte. She is an intelligent therapist with tremendous human qualities and generosity. "

From the first session, I really enjoyed Bénédicte's non-conventional approach. She is friendly, outspoken, dynamic. She's nothing like the other therapists I knew that said nothing for 45 minutes. I found that I could speak freely, without judgment. More importantly, I noticed a huge progress between my first session three years ago and today. 

I have recommended Bénédicte to a friend, who also recommended her to two other friends. The word of mouth works well.

Nadine, johannesburg

Marjolaine, Johannesburg