Psychedelic Integration

It is so important to FEEL SAFE, before, during and after a psychedelic experience.


Before: Having 30+ years of experience with psychedelics and a number of years in risk reduction at psychedelics festivals, I provide a lot of important information regarding psychedelics. How to use, what to use, the benefits, explaining  the importance of set and setting and what it is.

During: The right people in a safe environment with the good intention play a very important role in getting the best out of your psychedelic experience.

After: I provide a space where you will be listened to without jugements or interpretations,  nobody else other than can you know the meaning of your experience. Psychedelics help you to have better understanding of yourself by letting have access to your higher consciousness.

I believe integration is an important work - with the help of a therapist, to put in place a strategy to change and become a better version of yourself. Helping you keep alive what the psychedelic experience as offered you.​

Psychedelic often helps you to integrate any trauma you have stored in your Limbic system. Finding the right person to share and overcome them with the right tools can help you free yourself from your past.    

Drawing on my experience as a facilitator at Psylocibin Mushroom Retreats and combining this experience with my theraputic studies, I am well equipped for the role of integration.


Taking psychedelics show people the possibilities of change and improvement, but in order to translate this experience into actual changes, one needs to intergrate and take action.