Psychadelic Integration

Let's be honest, there is not such a thing about a bad trip. What can be bad is the set and settings. The out come of psychedelic is always positive a way or another and will help you to know more about yourself.rustin

An important part of the experience is to be able to use what have been offered to you during this experience. It's there that integrating it is important. The work of integration requiere several steps. And the same ways that you were guided during the experience by your higher consciousness it is important that you go on doing so. Noone else than you knows what are the meanings of your experience. It's important that you find a safe and open space where you are going to be able to share your experience without having anyone guiding you or trying to find sense in your own experience. Trusting yourself is a keyto this first part. By finding someone that is going to listen without judging or interpretating will allow you to relieve your experience at a more conscious level.

Throuout your psychedelic experience you have beeen able to access this higher consciousness of yourself, that have offered you matter to work with.

The second part will be to decide in witch way you are going to use this gift to help you in your current life, one more time the person helping you to integrate is there only to give you the tools of what you want to do

The role of the integration helper

1 listening opening the space 

2 helping the person to reach his goal