As an expat (I have lived many years in South Africa before moving to Jamaica), I became aware of the need for psychological support when abroad. I provide therapy sessions over Skype.


  • Individual therapy

  • Couple therapy

  • Teenager therapy - particularly during important milestones

  • Children therapy - with parents as a relay

  • Sophrology

  • Addictions


For a productive session, a smooth Internet connection is essential. You should also find a place where you feel comfortable and where you will not be interrupted.


For a one hour session -  100 USD

Payment via Paypal


Skype contact: benedictemannix

If you would like to make an appointment for a consultation, please email me at or fill in the below contact form:

Message bien reçu, merci !


 As a counsellor I make a commitment to respect the following points:

  • Welcoming, paying attention and listening

  • Respect for freewill, beliefs and values

  • Using all my knowledge to help the clients reach their goals as quick as possible

  • Respect for the demanded and decided goals

  • I have a commitment to a personal therapeutic process whereby I have regular supervision with another therapist.

  • To study and learn more – to always improve myself

  • To help the clients get their own therapeutic autonomy and help them be responsible of their personal growth

  • To accompany clients with compassion in the respect of their choices, freedom and limits

  • Be clear with clients about all the details regarding their therapy

Clients also make a commitment:

  • To arrive on time to each appointment and to warn enough in advance if they can’t be present

  • To put themselves in a process of auto-cure and become conscious of their own responsibility to achieve self-liberation


Confidentiality :

Everything you wish to discuss and explore is strictly confidential. I have a supervisor who I may discuss aspects of the way I work with you during our sessions. This supervision acts as a safety net for clients and counsellors, which helps ensure the client receives quality care that is ethically correct.